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Book publishing - editorial services

Working in the fiction division at HarperCollins and at literary agents United Agents taught me a great deal about how books get put together. Yet the aspect that most satisfied me - and which I carried over to my work with literary consultancy Cornerstones -  was working one-on-one with authors. From famous authors with multi-book publishing deals to upcoming talents working on their first novels, I've advised, edited and mentored hundreds of writers over the years. So please click here for more information about the editorial services I offer.

Welcome to my writing and editing studio.

My name's Benjamin and I've got a beady eye for stories.

So if you need words that work, let me show you what I can do.

Freelance journalism:

Whether I'm hunting down outsider art in the Californian desert or forgoing sleep to finish Stephen King's latest doorstopper, I'm always searching for fresh angles on arts and entertainment in my journalism. For the last eight years, I have reviewed books for the ObserverThe Sunday Telegraph, the Guardian and the Independent on Sunday. I also relish getting on the culture trail  in my travel features, and I've contributed to The Times, Easyjet Traveller and The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, as well as other UK and US publications. So please click here for selected highlights of my features and reviews.

'Working with Benjamin was like a novel-writing masterclass. Not only did he help me to rework my first novel into something that ultimately secured a two book deal with Simon & Schuster, but I came out of the experience a significantly better writer than I went in. He is an absolute gem.'

Pip Drysale, The Sunday Girl (Simon & Schuster)

'On the two occasions I've worked with Ben, I've found his editorial acumen to be finely tuned. Like all good editors, he sees what you're doing right as well as where you are going wrong. He has a strong grasp of story structure and what makes a narrative compelling and is able to offer detailed constructive feedback. Highly recommended!'

Kate Pullinger, novelist and author of digital fiction (Professor of Creative Writing and Digital Media, Bath Spa University)

'The feedback that I received from Benjamin got right to the heart of the novel I was working on; it was clear, in-depth and yet somehow concise too. Acting on it was a major stepping-stone on my route to publication.'
Jake Woodhouse, After The Silence (Penguin)

'Benjamin was exactly what I was hoping for when I was looking for an editor. I found his analysis of my writing and his ideas for improving it incredibly insightful and thorough. He understood exactly what I was trying to do, and identified correctly wherever I had fallen short,  always giving me examples and constructive suggestions for how to remedy these problems.  His comments really helped me improve my novel and bring it up to a high standard.'
Paul Tudor Owen, Guardian journalist and author of The Weighing of the Heart (Obliterati Press)

'Benjamin has that rare combination of a vast understanding of all things literary  as well as extensive experience in the commercial world of getting books published. He quickly understood the vision I had for the book and, without imposing his own views, gave me hands-on direction  on how to fully develop the ideas, feelings and story I was trying to convey. Benjamin's insights made me a better writer and helped me cross that chasm between first draft and final text.  Most importantly, his advice was always constructive and encouraging.'

Tomas Byrne, Skin In The Game (Delta Stream)

​​​​NEW IN 2020

Copywriting, editing and content creation for the arts and charity sectors:

“Norden Farm has worked with Benjamin on content marketing as part of our audience development strategy for our film programme. His creativity, innovative thinking and superb writing skills have really extended our ability to connect more profoundly with a range of audiences. His input has been invaluable in our mission to build up our film community and introduce more people to great independent cinema in a multi-form arts centre.”
Jane Corry, Artistic Director, Norden Farm Centre For The Arts

Working for arts and charity organisations gives me a sense of meaning and fulfilment I can't find elsewhere. But why choose a writer with a background in journalism and publishing to get the messages of your organisation across? Simply put, I know how to find creative story angles that will simultaneously inform and entertain.

  • I can verify the story with the highest standards of research and fact-checking.
  • I can pace, style and structure the story in a way that will reel in the reader and progress them towards your call to action.
  • I can blend detail and generalisations, practical examples and opinion, personal experiences and trends, to create a holistic overview of any area.
  • I can craft a sentence until it sings so it makes your communications a pleasure to read.
  • But most of all, I can make your story feel relevant and indispensable to your recipients so your content feels less about you and more about them.

Zeroing in on the strongest story angles gives you the best shot of positioning yourself in front of customers or donors. Persuasive content will make your audience sit up and pay attention. 

Although I have previously worked for brands such as WorldFirst and Kuoni, I now focus exclusively on the arts and charity sectors. My current role is freelance content creation for the international development charity Energy 4 Impact. I have Hubspot qualifications in Content Marketing. So please click here for more details about how to engage me to work on your copywriting and content.