Benjamin Evans - Journalist, book editor and content writer

So how might we work together?

For one-off pieces of copywriting, please email me with a brief.

If you have a more sustained requirement for content, I tend to work on a freelance project basis alongside your marketing team to enhance their output. Typically we might start with a trial period – from two to four months – in which your new content marketing strategy can be rolled out. Whatever your set-up, however, we can find a way to work together.

At an initial meeting, we’ll discuss current content strategy (if any), already published or planned content, the channels that you already use and ones you might consider, the areas of your business in which you need to push growth, brand identity and voice, plus any untapped expertise or access that is not yet communicated to consumers.

There is no one-size-fits-all content marketing strategy. The needs and priorities of each company require a bespoke suite of solutions. Bear in mind that a content marketing strategy typically doesn’t involve giving a uniform push to everything in your programme or brochure as in traditional marketing. My job is to find the stories in what you do which will most strike a chord with potential customers. If you are able to reach customers with rich and engaging content, they should then gravitate towards your company in a more natural way. But more than just grabbing your customer’s attention, your content needs to gain their trust with the kind of integrity, transparency and factual accuracy required within journalism.

I specialise in written resources – whether blogs, social media posts, online guides, email newsletters, e-books and so on – that help turn your company or organisation into a valued resource for the consumer.

Get in touch with me at if you would like to make an initial query.